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Rocklin, CA Real Estate

Author: Georgie Henderson

Rocklin California is a beautiful community and a wonderful place to live and raise a family. If you are a first- time buyer of Rocklin real estate, be prepared to enjoy all that goes with owning property in this delightful place.

Money Magazine recently named Rocklin one of America's top 100 places to live among cities with a population between 50,000 and 300,000. It was 65th on the list and one of only four cities in California that received this honor. Rocklin has a population of about 54,000. It is located 25 miles north of Sacramento, in the southern part of Placer County.

This former ranch land has tree-lined streets, many businesses, lots of recreational opportunities and a strong school system. There are 30 parks and an Environmental Science Museum & Exotic Wildlife Refuge Facility. According to Money Magazine, Rocklin California is a charming city with a strong economic base, a low crime rate and lots to do.

In 2008, Rocklin was also honored by Family Circle Magazine when that publication named it one of the 10 best places to raise a family. Family Circle researchers investigated 1850 cities with a population between 15,000 and 150,000. Rocklin California was the only city in that state to be named to the list. The magazine's decision was based on family-friendly criteria including cost of living, jobs, schools and "green" policies. There has been a high level of eco-consciousness in this town during the last few years.

Mayor Scott Yuill and other community leaders say these are well-deserved honors. They say their city is safe and has excellent schools, a great atmosphere for businesses and families, and well-cared-for neighborhoods and parks. Residents also enjoy easy access to many amenities in their immediate community and in that region.

First-Time Buyers of Rocklin Real Estate Should Be Prepared to See the Value of Their Home Appreciate:

1. Due to the adverse economic conditions that have existed all across the United States during the last few years, the prices for Rocklin real estate have fallen sharply. While no one knows just when the real estate market will begin to recover, it seems inevitable that today's beaten-down prices will begin to increase in the not-too-distant future. The recent history for house prices in this community is as follows: The median single-family, detached home sale price was $485,000 in 2005, $477,000 in 2006, $442,000 in 2007, $330,000 in 2008 and $280,000 in 2009. The median single-family, attached home sale price declined similarly. In 2005, the median price was $316,250, and in 2009, it was $157,250. (Source: DataQuick Information Systems 2009)

2. The number of households in Rocklin has shown rapid growth. In 2000, the total number of households was 13,440. That number had grown to 20,426 by 2009. (Source: ESRI, 2009; California Department: City of Rocklin General Plan)

There Are Other Important Things That a First-Time Buyer of Rocklin Real Estate Should Expect to Find:

1. Good shopping: The Blue Oaks Town Center is a planned regional shopping center that has 600,000 square feet of retail space. There are several anchor stores and a 16-screen movie theatre that is scheduled to open in the late summer of 2010. The Rocklin Galleria is actually located in Roseville, but the residents of Rocklin are the primary users of this center.

2. There are many churches in Rocklin. There are various denominations of Protestant churches available and also Catholic churches and several Jewish synagogues. There is a mosque for Moslems, and congregations exist for worship for other faith groups.

3. Outstanding Restaurants: There are many restaurants in Rocklin. A number of them are highly regarded by both critics and the general public. Don Quixote is a popular Mexican restaurant. It is family owned and operated. The portions are large, and the service and the food are both very good. Venita Rhea's is a good place to go for the whole family. The style is strictly American, with a variety of hamburgers and family fare. Other favorite places include Sizzle Mongolian B.B.Q, Gaetano's Pizzeria and Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que.

4. First-time buyers of real estate in Rocklin will have the opportunity to continue to be a part of the service clubs with which they are affiliated. For those who do not belong to one, but wish to join, there is a wide variety of choices. There are Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, a Kiwanis Club and other organizations of this type. For those most interested in history, there is the Rocklin Historical Society.

5. First-time buyers of property who happen to be senior adults will discover that this city provides many activities for seniors. The Rocklin Sunset Center provides activities including dances, swim sessions, trips, game times, crafts classes and much more for residents age 50 and older.

About the Author

I've been helping a good friend research Rocklin in an attempt to find a house. He has a family now and they are really looking forward to living at their new chunk of Rocklin real estate. I thought I would share what we've found.

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